I've been fortunate to work with some wonderful people who have agreed to write some very kind things about what it's like to work with me.

"I was Rachelle's direct supervisor at the Independent Press Association. There she proved herself a skilled designer and communications manager. But unlike many people with a background in design, she also understood the human element: the need to bring everyone to the table, listen respectfully to their feedback, synthesize their views, and create a product that meets the needs of the entire organization--while also meeting the needs of the audience receiving the communication. She's also smart, reliable, kind, and pleasant to work with!"

Jeremy Adam Smith
Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley
Author and Journalist

"Rachelle Galloway is an extraordinarily talented and reliable designer who can create materials that are visually stunning and superbly communicative. She is able to work gracefully in print and digital media, including video, and devotes herself whole-heartedly to any assignment. Her productivity is astonishing, and the depth of her fluency in design is world-class. I have had the pleasure of working with Rachelle for more than a dozen years in two organizations, and her design sensibility created the public image of both entities. Her work speaks for itself, but her work ethic is also remarkable. Simply put, she will do whatever it takes to get the job done at the highest level. Never once in our long association has she failed to deliver what was required — and nearly always at a level far beyond what was expected. Rachelle is also a pleasure to work with; she is warm, engaging and a consummate professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

John Anner, President
East Meets West Foundation

"I've hired Rachelle numerous times and consistently been highly impressed by her professionalism, quick turnaround time, and most importantly, her creativity and design sense. Rachelle has an incredible eye and is one of the most media-savvy people I've ever met. She's helped me with larger-scale website design projects for my business and also with smaller print-based jobs (designing cd jackets, uploading Photoshop files into templates, etc). She is also very tuned into social media and has advised me on how best to integrate some of these tools into my business via website design, email newsletters, effectively using Facebook, Instagram, etc.

More than any other designer I've worked with, I appreciate how much Rachelle LISTENS to her client's ideas and then builds on them to make them stronger with thoughtful suggestions and insights.

Rachelle is a top notch designer and complete pleasure to work with - I highly, highly recommend her.

- Frances England, Musician

I've known Rachelle for nearly 10 years and in all my experiences working with her, she has been nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to turning ideas into reality. I have seen her expert eye in design and deep conceptual thinking transform ho-hum information into dynamic, colorful, and engaging print and web publications. Rachelle is a delight to work with and puts heart and soul into everything she does, in lightning speed time to boot!

- Minh-Huyen Nguyen
Senior Consultant, Sustainability Communications
Context America

I was the CFO of an organization where Rachelle was the Communication Director in charge of the website, annual reports and marketing materials. I found her work to be professional and highly effective. When I was looking to join the organization, I was very impressed with the high quality of the branding and tone set by the materials that I found out later Rachelle was in charge of producing. As a co-worker and person, Rachelle is highly organized, conscientious, honest, reliable, courteous, and hard-working. I would highly recommend her as she would be a great asset for any business.

—Ann Truong
Independent Financial Consultant
San Francisco, CA

I have known Rachelle for over ten years and had the pleasure of working with her at California State University, Sacramento. She has an infectious personality and you cannot help but smile when you are with her. Her work ethic is very strong and she designs with skill, imagination and enthusiasm for her work. She is very detail and customer service oriented and would be a great asset for your business.

—Madonna Barlow
Operations Analyst
California State University, Sacramento